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  • Consumer choice behavior

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Digital marketing and e-commerce

  • Political marketing and voting behavior

  • INTT 252  - Marketing

  • INTT 434  - Business Development & Entrepreneurship

  • INCT 534  - Entrepreneurship

  • INCT 550  - Competing in International Markets

  • ADEX 560 - Entrepreneurship

  • INTT 465  - E-commerce

  • INTT 527  - Research Methods

  • INCT 523  - Competitive Intelligence


  • (SSCI) Yılmaz, C., Aygoren, O., & Özdemir Ö. (2012) “Factors Driving the Political Polarization Process in Turkey: Relative Effects of a Number of Determinants Ranging From Economic Voting Behavior to Collective Trauma Effects,” İktisat İşletme Finans Dergisi, 27 (311), 09-39. 

  •  Aygoren, O. & Varnalı, K. (2011), “Value Based Analysis of Mobile Tagging,” International Journal of E-business Research, 7 (1), 93-104. 



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  • “Case Methodology and Blended Learning Approach re Entrepreneurship Education” United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, USASBE, San Diego, CA. 2016 

  • “How Voters Respond to Party Discipline in the United States and Turkey” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, APSA, September, San Francisco, CA. 2015 

  •  “An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Political Candidate Impression Management Strategies on Voting Intentions” International Political Marketing Conference, Stockholm, Sweden 2013

  •  “Understanding Choice Behavior in Political Marketing Context: A Favorable Voter Response Model” Informs Marketing Science Conference, Istanbul, Türkiye 2013

  •  “A Favorable Voter Responses Model” Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), Monterey View, US 2013 

  •  “An Integrative Model of Voting Choice Behavior” American Marketing Association (AMA) Winter Educator’s Conference, Las Vegas, US 2013 

  •  “Understanding and Modeling Voter Choice Behavior with Empirical Data” American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, US 2012 

  • “Preference Construction and Consumer Knowledge: How Do Levels of Objective and Subjective Knowledge Affect Preference Consistency Across Differing Decision Tasks?,” Asia-Pacific Conference of Association for Consumer Research, Beijing, Renmin University of China 2011 

  •  “Consumer Research in Brand Management” BrandMarker Conference, Bogazici University, Turkey 2011 

  •  “Effects of Religion on Consumer Behavior: A Review and A Framework” International Conference on Islamic Marketing and Branding, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010 




  • "A Conceptual Model on Early Internationalization Speed of New Ventures," National Marketing Congress, UPK, Trabzon, 2017

  •  “Effect of Ownership, Size and Content in Online Brand Communities on Attitude and Participation Intention,” National Marketing Congress, UPK, Eskişehir 2015 



  • ScoreBeyond 

  • Tiffany Rothe Workouts: Short, Fun and Effective

  • Unlu&Co: A Startup to Bank on

  • A Lean Mean Fashion Machine 


  • Arsen Cansın Kadakal, "A Comparison in Drivers of Internationalization Speed for High-tech and Low-tech Turkish International New Ventures", 2017 (in progress)

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